Collecting thralls

Why do you have thralls falling from the sky instead of creating a storm and having ship wrecked thralls wash up on shore?


THis would be better served in the suggestions category.

Because the shore is where new players start and it’s not okay to have them start in the middle of a bloody conflict between established players?

Because it’s more fun to have people run across different parts of the map chasing wild surges and running into each other?

Because there might be lore explaining this and we still haven’t discovered it?

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Have to agree with @UltraViolent on this one. If players are a starting character, they are T1 also. Washing up on shore with other T1 “thralls” sounds like a normal mechanic. And the other thralls don’t have to “wash up” at the spawn points – the island is big enough for other T1s to wash up elsewhere along the beaches.

Wild Surges can produce T2-T3 thralls.
Summoned Surges can produce T4 thralls.


I know, i never liked the idea of humans randomly falling from the sky… i also thought on the possibility of them coming from sinking ships at the shores, but that won’t be appropiate for the game, as Codemage said, they have to come from the portals or another eldritch source, not from the new player zone.

What bothers me more is the randomness about it, doesn’t feel right, like an easy solution for a slot machine to place thralls into the game. The lore about it doesn’t convince me, and the result is not really of my liking.

But, i was thinking about it, and i realized that maybe, it could be better if:

  • They were from a single, siptah exclusive faction that happens to worship this lovecraftian being.
  • Insted of them falling from the sky, portals were placed on the land and they spawned from below.
  • They had an actual reason to come to the island. ie. being a sacrifice at the tower or to summon a powerful creature that roams the isle and destroy everything in its path, structures and living creatures alike.
  • They acted as a constant purge, trying to destroy everything the players have placed
  • I’m not sure but i think they have fixed locations, if they were more random and imposible to predict, would be amazing.

This way this mechanic won’t feel wrong at all, actually very appealing. To me at least.

The whole northern shore is available.

Edit: Besides, from what I have seen of the 30 odd portals I have visited is its pointless for established players to even go there.

If you want to worship Gods you have to farm NPCs for religious items. Summoning and fighting a serious Surge at the Leyshrine is a bit too much for getting just a handful of hearts. Moreover, you can get some interesting rare loot from the Wild Surges as well - some things or recipes.

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Have fun running around to kill what is it 6 npc at each portal, hope you not needing a bubble.

A big problem is getting the Essence back to the Mitra Temple in time. Without fast travel most, if not all of the Essence times out before I make back to the temple. I basically gave up on it.

Don’t they last half an hour?

This. ^^ Plus you can also have them spawn away from player starting zones down the beach. There is plenty of area to add a t1 spawn like this. It would further add to the lore of the map.

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