Collisions and Hit percentages

Forgive me if this has been posted, but I didn’t see anything on it. Enjoying the game a good bit, but getting frustrated with some things. The first one being, is there collisions with projectiles in the game? My best example was ambushing a target and having 100% chance to hit, and then getting a miss and the bullet hits a terrain object near the front of the firing character. I even reloaded the save several times just to see if it would keep happening or if I was just crazy. Second it sorta related to that. On multiple occasions it seems depeding on where my character is in correlation to a target even on a 75% chance to hit I can reload the save 20+ times to see if it would hit and it never does. While I know 75% chance means it can still miss, I have a very hard time believing it misses that many times in a row unless there’s some form of predetermination on what shots will hit and what shots will miss. I’ll try to remember to set aside some separate save files so I can record some of these instances.

Doesn’t matter how many times you reload, the game have already generated a list of rolls. Certain actions done progresses this list one step. If you do the exact same thing each reload you will be at the same position in the list each time and get the same outcome each time.

If you want to get another result you have to do your actions in a different order.

Keep in mind the game does not calculate cover for enemies that are not engaged in combat, if there is terrain between you they most likely have a cover bonus when you attack them that is not shown on the shot preview

This! If you reload and do the same thing over and over, you will get the same outcome.

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Yea I realized this later with some other things I thought might be the same bug. However, the main bugs I brought up I know they were for sure standing out in the open away from cover since I was trying to maximize my damage and guarantee as many shots landed as I could.

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