Bug - Dux Missing 30+ stealth shots in a row at 75% accuracy (Very hard diff)


To start with, he did just fine in the intro area leading up to the Ark (he missed shots, but nothing that wasn’t expected based on his percentage chance). Also, for the record, I’m referring to STEALTH shots (pre-combat) - once combat starts he seems to magically be able to hit the enemies again with some accuracy.

I’ve tested this at least 10x EACH in Fallen Angel and two separate battles in ‘High Road’ and he’s missed every single shot (the other party members hit pretty accurately comparatively with their percentage shots at the time). If it helps for the bug sorting, each time Dux shot I made sure he had a 75% to hit (thats over 30 misses in a row at 75% to hit!). I’ve also tried shooting from different positions, changing up party order, having a teammate take a shot first, and even reloading the game itself.

The only exception to this is that Dux is still able to hit the guy if he’s at 100% to hit, but that usually involves losing stealth altogether…


It’s like in every other xcom game out there, the percentage isn’t exactly a percentage it is a bunch of conditions, you can test it with 2 silents and some save games if you missed once you never be able to hit no matter how much times you’ll load. On other hand change conditions (I don’t know use some skills b4 for instance, or make other character noticed it won’t affect anything until next turn anyway) and you could hit. Take it and use it =P

P.S. Oh and yeah don’t be shy on getting to 100%, other enemies won’t be alerted that your target saw you, if he doesn’t make it through your turn…


Thank you for replying, but after playing for a few more hours I’m still convinced it’s a bug that seems to be possibly bypassed completely for early stealth-only players. Once I had my first battle in the next area beyond high road, Dux started hitting an appropriate amount of times for his hit chance. I even came back to those battles and he started hitting like he should.

There’s already one poster in the steam forums who reported a very similar issue early on, though I haven’t confirmed if it’s these same two areas and with Dux yet.

Thank you for that really helpful tip at the end too - I just discovered that on my own today and it definitely gives me more options in changing the outcome of a battle.

I also discovered that applies to loud weapons if nearby enemies are far enough away, though there’s no indicator or consistency to what the exact distance is, but in the grand scheme of things I’m not worried about that haha


Hello! If you are reloading the same savegame, you will miss everytime. Is that what you are doing? This is to prevent players from constantly saving and loading until they hit.