RNG is a fake [video proof]

I’ve been replaying this fight I don’t know for how long. Here’s 10 attempts in 10 minutes.
Why I can’t include links in my posts, for God’s sake?!!
Each attempt = 3 shots. Each shot has 75% to hit :rofl: But in fact the 1st shot in that sequence is always a crit, the 2nd one is a hit and the 3rd one is a miss, doesn’t matter who makes the last shot and from what spot.
How come the outcome of the fight is predetermined and the RNG is BS?

Eventually I’ve found the way around it, but it was unpleasant

Hello @inspectorcat, welcome to the forums!

The RNG is definitely present, however, the rolls are made and saved at specific times in order to prevent cheating through repeatedly saving and reloading ( aka save scumming ), so to get different results you need to do things differently after reloading.

Please be aware that this mechanic is not unique to MYZ, other similar games have made use of it.

Um, how they develop the game is their business and no one elses.
They are also 100% correct about Scumming. That is a cheat and ruins games, because you never loose anything.

The game is far to easy as it is. You should only get saved in the ark IMO. And when a char dies, they should perma die. If they get get revived, they should loose a skill or something.

Regarding your comment about XCOM. This isnt Xcom…

The gameplay mechanics are the opposite of shallow. They are great. Its just to few of them.

Being rude doesnt help getting your point across either.

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Maybe because it’s so shallow? Oh, wait…


Cheating is when you see 75% on the screen but in fact you have 0% - that is a fraud

If you have anything against saving and loading - you are free to play the Iron Mutant mode

Everyone’s entitled to having his / her own opinions, and we do our best to pass all constructive feedback to the developers, but please keep it civil and make sure not to ignore our rules of conduct if you do want to share your feelings in regards to any current mechanic:

Insulting those who might have different opinions is unacceptable and won’t help you getting your point across in any way.

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