I died before i got to the ark

ok, you wanna play rough…we can play rough


To be honest, I find the game to be very unforgiving. I have to re-do fights a lot and I’m on the easiest setting. Especially before you have good weapons or granades against med-bots, this is insane.

I hate nothing more than Med-Bots!

I had to travel to high level zones to recover some scraps and gear around, without fighting the enemies there, and then traded for better equipement at the Ark so I could fight the ghouls in front of the Cave of Fear, because they were many due to the Shaman calling reinforcements at the beginning of the fight. I died several times but when I came back with the new gear (better armors and improved weapons) I could eliminate them. It was still tough though, and I understood you can literally block and restart the game if I had chosen the wrong equipment. But I was playing hard mode, so it makes more sense. I am eager to try harder difficulties after the first run :slight_smile:

I mean to be fair that’s kinda par for the course of Turn Based Tactical games to be very hard.

Back in the day X-COM was known for being one of the hardest games you could play, and this game is pretty open about being heavily inspired by X-COM. Most people failed miserably on their first couple of attempts at playing X-COM, and it takes a while to get good enough at the game to get through it.

So basically, I think the game is supposed to be that hard. At least that’s what I expected.

Med-Bots are bastards, so always keep a weapon mod on hand to disable them. EMP grenades are also really great for disabling bots.

original X-Com in highest difficulty :slight_smile:

how do you get anough scrap to keep stocked on EMP grenades, first aid kits, etc?

There are tons of areas you can go into and just sneak around to loot plenty of scrap and gun parts, even though you are too low level to fight them.

As far as it being very unforgiving on medium, it sounds like you’re not using the stealth approach of ambushing patrolling/solitary guards one at a time using silent weapons. That’s how this game is set up to work. You pick off all the loners you can take silently

Robbots was werry easy to kill, so many EMP options.