Little life, no more medkits...what to do?

Ok so i am playing on the middle difficulty level, where the characters do not regenerate life.

So…two of my three characters have something like 1hp left, and i have no medkits left, and not enough funds to buy new medkits.

Is there any way I can continue and get them healed up? Or do i need to start the game over again from scratch? I would think spending time in the ark would at least let them regen but thats not happening so…i dont know what to do. Cant go out questing since theyre basically already dead, and cant get medkits cause i have no funds.

What to do?

On the middle difficulty (Hard), your mutants heal back to 50% health after a battle. Only on Very Hard do they not heal at all.

Have you already scoured the zones that are too high level for scrap? This game is set up to have a lot of enemies that are too tough for you, but that you can just stealth around to get the most of the goodies in their zone.

Thanks for info.
I had forgotten which difficulty level was which. Im on the one where they do not regen at all.

I started doing some sneak runs and now have enough scraps to buy medkits…but now the lady who sells (sold) medkits do not sell any medkits anymore. Anyone know whats up with that !?

also make use of the ability. The hog and fox can eat organics to regain health, leave them near a corpse. bring duck near a target. activate battle mode (without been seen). Use hog to eat and heal. Exit battle. Main battle group IMO is hog, fox and duck as rear guard.

On the hardest mode you probably need to accept you will be save-scumming a lot. There seem to be about 10 medkits for free and then another 10 (maybe less) you can buy during the course of the game.

As the previous poster says, that means you almost have to run the 2 characters who can eat enemies which is disappointing.

I think the hard mode settings weren’t really tested that well, they were thrown in without thinking about how they would affect the balance of the game. The game is more fun on normal to be honest as you can mix/match characters/weapons/skills with more freedom.