I am at the point where I am supposed to go to The House of Bones. I’m level 15, I’m as upgraded as you can be at this level, I bought and used all the medkits that the shop had/all the ones you can find up until this point and I have killed all the enemies that my strength/level allows (even the first 2 guys at the beginning of the game!) The problem is that since there is no other locations that I can discover (to build XP through combat/discover new medkits) and I have killed every enemy/group of enemies that I physically can) i’m stuck. I have no way to heal myself anymore and there is no way I can get into a fight with my 3 people vs groups of 5+ Level 22+ enemies with their health being 16+ each and not to mention that these groups either have droids (healers) or Shamans (summon 3 more high level men) So I am royally boned. No amount of tactics will get me through this. I BARELY made it through the battle with the 2 men at the first level. Is there some other way to get medkits or is there a way to sneak around the men at The House of Bones? This is kind of a game breaking flaw to have no way to heal your men.

Hello @SacroSanctusSableoni, welcome to the forums!

You could consider watching a playthrough on Youtube geared towards that area and how to efficiently beat it, or consider loading an earlier save and manage the encounters better now that you know what you’ll be up against. :slight_smile:

As a tip, you should avoid using medkits during combat in case you’ve been doing so since they will only heal for a certain amount of health, but out of combat, they will fully heal a party member.

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Highroad huh? Take the Shaman down first (hopefully in one turn before he gets chance to summon his buddies you can always use Hogrush to stun him for 2 turns) after you clear out any low hp enemies you can stealth kill then the Medibot. That fight drove me crazy too! I would also go double check all the areas you have been in to make sure you haven’t missed anything like Scrap, Weapon parts or Artefacts.