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Hey guys, I just started getting into this game Last might and I’m super enjoying this game. Xcom is a game I always wanted to get into but felt it was way to big of difficulty curve when I just kinda wanna relax before playing hard.

So far I’ve been using the main trio in the game. The most reliable tactic I’ve been using is relying on Dux’s Critical skill and silent weapons on all three characters to put each enemy down one by one until I need to do a group fight, I have just got to the part where I need to go to the iron serpent area (or do the izza and alda area) and that tactic seems to be harder to pull off since the enemies health is exceeding my max damage output in one turn. I wanted some advice for taking on groups of enemies at a time since I feel like if I take more than 3 enemies at a time I will have trouble.

If you guys need any character info of what my set up is, let me know.

Use Bormins Hog Rush ability, that will give you more time than one turn to take out single enemies silently.
For robots you can ofc use emp grenades to get the same benefit for taking them out silently.

Have you upgraded all three silent weapons to level III?

Otherwise, as stated above you’ll need to knock them out with Hog Rush (but be careful of being too close to another unit or they’ll hear it, even when they wouldn’t hear silent weapons).

But if you have to take on multiple enemies, try to find a choke point of some kind that they have to come through. Also, learn how smoke grenades can shut down long range shots by enemies and make them rush right in front of you, triggering a short range overwatch shot. That one took me WAY too long, as I’m an old hand at XCOM and smoke grenades work totally differently there (and to be fair, less logically).

When you have to go loud, don’t use your silent weapons to initiate fight. Use your hardest hitting and try to take out the first guy you attack in 1-2 turns. Use the skills that lock them in place, Tree Hugger, Knee Cap, Hog Rush…) When the others come running, start to fall back and put your guys in OW. Always take out the units that call in reinforcements in first turn.

Agreed. And if you’re going loud anyway, don’t bother even equipping the silent weapons if you have other loud ones, unless they have weapon mods you need and you don’t want to bother going back to the Ark to unequip. Give your squad your two best weapons each, regardless of noise. That way if you’re in the spot of needing to reload to shoot, but you need to move, too, you can just swap to the other weapon. I’ve found this helps in a few tight spots.

Another tip: Twitch Shot is another way to (with a slight chance of failure) increase your ability to put down Silent damage.

Also, you want to make a beeline for the +1 to weapon damage perk in the bar for your artifact points. No matter how you play, this is probably the single most powerful perk you can get there. It will also help with silent takedowns, increasing your “silent damage” by +3 (or +4/+5 with one/two twitch shots).

All 4 silents it is.

And put the EMP mod on and robots are almost to easy kills

Dude. We get it, you bought the second Crossbow. There’s really no point to it, though. It’s the worst of all silent weapons and it’s just way too expensive. There is absolutely no reason to buy it, and telling someone to buy it, is terrible advice.


Hey guys, I’d like to thank you all for the amazing advice so far. I cant wait to try them out when I get home today. So far I have bohmin with a crossbow, Selma has the silent SMG like gun and I gave the silent pistol to Dux so they can all rush in on an enemy no matter the distance since for some reason Bohim couldnt hit the same amount of spaces with the SMG as Selma with it.

Anyway I havent thought about using Hog charge on bohim to knock out enemies, I thought it would cause noise no matter where I was if i used it. I’ll give it shot if I have it or not. And all my silent weapons are currently lvl 2 since I havent found enough parts to upgrade them high enough

If you activate Run&Gun before using Charge, you even get to fire a point blank shot on top of knocking an enemy out.

Is that what does it? I heard someone mention something about hog rush + shoot and then tried it and thought they must have been mistaken.

Of course, Tanks seem to do it all the time and I don’t think they even have R&G.

No you are so wrong!

They can only combo you if they’re in walking range. If they have to sprint, they can’t fire after stunning.

You just bought it for convenience/RPG reasons. There is no gameplay advantage. None. At. All.

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Thos reason is aloso good reason to to get it to, yes. Its the only good gun to get in the store. Yes its one more but that come so late in the game so its no Point any more. and you have alresy founde the good noysy guns out ther.

Yeah, that was my point. They can walk over, hug rush you then shoot you. Bormin can’t, without using R&G.

Edit: I’m leaving that typo in because it’s a hilarious image.

Wow! So emp grenades are silent weapons, too?
I used circuit breaker on robots at that time.

Upgrade your initial silent weapons ASAP.
You will use the initial ones for a very long time, so no weapon parts will be wasted.

It’s ok to be seen during ambush, as long as the seeing one gets killed in one turn.
So it’s ok to activate ambush and then walk into point blank to get 100% accuracy.

When using skill like Twitch Shot or Circuit Breaker during silent kill, try to use high ground to offset the accuracy penalty.