Dealing with mindcontrol

ok, so I’m playing the game now and getting close to rescuing Hammond I think, but I hate running into those big brains that take control of my most powerful mutants. In xcom2 there was an item that you could give every soldier. I currently have only one of these helmets, but I have buffs from other gear that I want to keep anyway. does anyone know a good way to deal with these guys? like maybe a stun for organic enemies?

Hog Rush can be your best friend. Even if you take some damage, nothing worse then having a third of your team taken away for a few turns!!

DUDE! U are the best! just beat lux’s whole place in like 5 min cuz I was able to knock him out and kill him in one go! @Exordus

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Hog Rush will stun Nova sect (and everything but tanks and big robots) for 2 actions as well as canceling any mind control they already landed.