More Feedback For The Level 35 Game

At Level 35 (enemies; party is level 33) and making my way south east and the game balance is getting little odd.

  • Battle with Lux feels impossible
  • During a battle if your squad hasn’t been spotted but a possessed ghoul is there; the enemies all know where the stalkers are. AI seems to be cheating.
  • The Police Robots are kinda OP to the point where I go out of my way to avoid fighting them. Their 4 turn stun ability is extra frustrating.
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  • I didnt have too much trouble here, you can take down everything in the area except for the pyro and the tank before engaging and he is easy enough to take down, one strategy is to blow up the floor beneath him so you get highground, then have bormin stun him on the main floor.

  • You mean using the mind control ability? I never used it other than getting the achievement, why are you hiding people during your surprise round?

  • Take the circuit shot ability and put %disable robots on your stealth guns, endgame even the strongest robots are more tedious than challenging

The policebots are best taken down in small groups, and you should absolutely use the Circuit Breaker ability (or EMPs) against them. I also recommend using any weapon mods that has a chance to disable robots.

I will relay your feedback to the dev team :slight_smile:

I ended up doing that (Circuit breaker, EMP, weapon mods) and it does help.

That 4 turn stun though still really sucks.