So i just finished the game

Finished the game on Very Hard + Iron Mutant and i found… a couple of bugs

  1. Sometimes I stopped being able to pick up scrap and weapon parts, aswell as not being able to split or regroup party with F. Not sure what causes this but it’s quite annoying but fixes with a game restart.

  2. Character being stuck in hide function. My mouse occasionally doubleclicks and apparently that breaks the rightclick hide mechanic so I can’t control the character unless i enter and exit combat mode.

  3. When mindcontrolling an enemy and reloading the game the enemy always gets out of mindcontrol, or if he’s dead the mindcontrolled enemy RESPAWNS. I reloaded the game for science 3 times in Scraplands and the only tank in the zone had 3 bodies on the ground.

  4. When you climb a ladder and split the party the other characters tend to climb the ladder and fall through the world, happened to me a couple of times but is easily fixed by pressing F.

  5. QA have suffered! Steam Achievement. As I said I cleared the game on Very Hard & Iron Mutant, WITHOUT losing a crew member, but did not get the achievement for it. (Got the achievement for Very Hard Iron Mutant though)
    Very annoying bug when you play on the highest difficulty for the achievement but do not get it after completing it. (Could it be that a it counts even if a mindcontrolled enemy dies while he’s on the friendly team?)


  1. Sometimes when loading the game the enemies get an extra round of attacks and can also appear in different locations than they were when the game was saved.

I bet this is the bug. Even in XCOM (and MYZ has a lot of similarities with that game, even how the game code treats situations) you’ll get a message about morale drop or something if you lose a mindcontrolled opponent.

I guess the game just knows two classes: a) enemy, b) crew.
If you mindcontrol an enemy it switches its class from a to b for the duration of the control.