Final battle - and i am stuck

Playing on very hard, iron mutant mode. my squad for this battle was Selma, Dux and Magnus.

The issue is that i have killed everyone and i am still in battle mode, so i can’t enter eden and finish the game.

There is a bug, where if you use pupeteer as magnus, and you load to your last turn (because maybe you threw the wrong grenade) - the mob that is possessed is no longer possessed and has a full health. This happened this time around as well. I posssed the hunter, shot a the tank. The next turn i was gonna throw a grenade, but it was the wrong grenade. So when i reloaded the turn, he was no longer possessed and had full health. It didn’t matter, i still killed him, plutonia, and the tank. But as i said, the battle doesn’t end - we are still stuck in battle mode, but there are no enemies to kill.

anything that can be resolved?


Issue resolved - turns out a enemy i had previously possessed and killed, was ressurected due to the re-load, and we hadn’t discovered each other. killed him, and that was that.

But Magnus’s abillity is bugged. Like i said, if you possess someone during a battle, and you re-load your turn, he will no longer be possessed and have full health. Same goes if the person you possessed is dead - he will be ressurected.

however, i did not get the achievement for finishing the game on very hard, iron mutant mode - and without losing a squad member.