Stuck in Combat Mode

Hey, my game is currently bugged. The game thinks im still in combat so I cant leave the area or do anything. All enemy’s are dead but it im stuck in combat mode. Any suggestions on how to fix? My backup save is really far behind from where im at in the game and dont really want to have to do it all over again.

Funcom! There is literally a unplayable gamebreaking glitch when you enter into The Castle Of Light zone. I talked to the Lux NPC did his quest. Came back to the Castle Of Light freed the prisoners then I went back to the Arc then when I came back to the Castle Of Light I killed Lux and the enemies near by just for the game to auto save me into combat when there is no one to fight. Literally 2 days of gameplay wasted and I am force to go to my last save from 2 days ago. Please fix this bug. Literally CAN NOT LEAVE COMBAT AND THERE IS NO ENEMIES.

I am also getting this same behavior. Posted on the Steam Community for the game, and have not gotten any help. I am not going to replay the fight.

Similar issue for me in Grave of the Ancients. There’s a Mimir bot way high up which i cant hit no matter where i go. No line of fire message from anywhere, even flying up with Dux. When it tries to take a turn, it cant get or shoot at me either so it just goes Overwatch.
Loaded an earlier save and went there…same deal. So completely game breaking bug and I can’t progress. Really would have liked to finish it :frowning:

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Yep same here. Both of my save files are now stuck in the same spot. 30 hours in the game and I cant progress any further. Was really enjoying the game.

Same problem I’m stuck on mushroom farm and I’m play on Iron mutant so I have no avalible save pls help

Same issue in the Castle of Light. Leaving the game and coming back in temporarily fixed it, but when I looted the chest it happened again. Unfortunately it autosaved… so I’m stuck.

Hi All.
This has been fixed and will be patched tomorrow.
Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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This glitch happened to me today, after the lux fight at the castle of light. My save is also days ago. Looks like i have to replay alot. This glitch is unfortunate it killes my momentum. Please fix.

Bug still there as today. Absolutely sucks.