Some questions, thinking about buying the game


I am not really convinced about the game. Maybe some of the guys who have played it can help me with some questions?

Background Info: I am a XCOM player from the 90es and have played almost all games like XCOM. (Try me!)

I really did not like games like “Invisible Inc”, I don’t like this sneaking around.

How important is the “stealth” part in the game? Is it an option? Or are you unable to play the game if you do not use the stealth part?
What are the objectives of the game? Are there timers for missions?

I have seen some gameplay so I have an idea what is going on in the game. But how much time do you spend doing that “stealth” thing? How many different objectives are there? Are missions always the same?

Second thing I don’t like is the focus on only a few soldiers. How many soldiers are you able to control in one mission? How many different chars can you hire/get in the game?

On Steam some people claim the game is infested with Denuvo.
I have only SSD drives, so this game is not an option for my PC.

However, my PS4 has no SSD, so how bad is it to control the game with the PS4 controller?

Strategic games are never implemented well with the PS4 controller but there are differences. From “unplayable” to “not totally bad”

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

You really might help me with my decision to buy the game or to skip it.


First, this game may not be for you simply because of your preferences. It does put an emphasis on stealth kills rather than larger battles, and the squad size is always limited to three active characters (with five total characters to rotate through). The stealth is done a lot better than in XCOM 2, though. It’s not like turn-based sneaking as in Invisible, Inc, either. It’s more watching guard patrols to find a place where they’re isolated, positioning yourself just like you would move in a regular 3rd person controlled game and then pushing the button that starts the turn-based battle.

As far as Denuvo, there are a group of people who are adamantly against it and they tend to spread a lot of disinformation. Denuvo has never been shown to cause problems on SSD. One person claimed it once, without any kind of backup to show that it was true. No one else has ever shown it happen to them. And millions of people use games that have Denuvo in them. So it sounds like typical internet trolling.

As far as the controller, I played the whole game with an Xbox One controller on the PC. I imagine the controls are implemented the same there as on the PS4. As such, I’d highly recommend them. I normally play XCOM-like games with a keyboard and mouse but for me the controller felt really good. The only thing that’s a bit silly is that on the save/load menu you use the joystick to move the mouse cursor. Everywhere else implements the D-pad moving from one menu option to the other, so it’s fine.

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Oh, and I will add that it seems a bit buggier on consoles. I think a big part of that is there’s another dev team that has to take this dev team’s code and make it work on each console. And because it’s harder to get console users to post save files, maybe. In any case, I’d recommend going with the PC.

@ jep

Thank you for your feedback.

As far as I have seen most people who think that Denuvo does no damage are just checking the amount bytes written by the game. That is not the point, go and read yourself what Denuvo is doing.

I don’t think that there is room for discussion. I will not install Denuvo on my SDD as it has already destroyed 3 SSDs. How do I know it was Denuvo? Since I moved “Rocksmith” and “Dragon age” to HDD (which is full :slight_smile: and I am not going to buy a new one only for this game) I have no problems since 2015… still playing Rocksmith…

Hmm. The limitation to 3 chars is bad.

And you sound like the stealth part of the game is really a thing and you can not skip it. How much time do you use the stealth mode? (I have seen it from some streamers)

Are you in stealth for 10% of your time played or are you sneaking around for 90% of your game time? Or is it some % in the middle?

So I might take a look if it is on sale some day :slight_smile:


I’d say you kill 70-80% of enemies while in stealth. It is a big deal in this game, for sure. So if that’s not your cup of tea this game might be a pass for you. I didn’t have much of an opinion either way, and it turned out I really liked the mechanic. I never liked that part much in XCOM 2.

The guy that replied answer pretty much everything. But i Will mention that you should give this game a shot regardless of prefrence. Xcom type of games are not my thing, but i tried this game out because of the sweet trailer and nice visuals. And i had so much fin with ut. Pretty cool story, satisfying gameplay, and unique.
Also, i have SSD, and had no problems running the game :slight_smile:

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I would argue that you can ignore a large portion of sneaking around if you play on normal, but every fight will likely be a challenge.
Typically, clearing a map for me was stealth kill 4-5 ennemies, fight the remaining 4-5 in the open.
But you can stealth kill only a couple (the most obvious ones) the set up an ambush with loud guns and carry on with the fight from here.

You will usually need to find the best spot and use consumables, but it is definitely doable on normal difficulty.

And then again, the real time stealth is not as tedious as the turn based stealth is in XCOM2. It is actually fun.

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