Hit/Miss Ratio feels broken and Burning question

Playing on the easiest setting, less than 2 hours in and notice a huge discrepancy between the AI hit/miss ratio and my guys.
During the introductory mission (same as demo) it seemed fair.
However, while getting to the point where you leave the ark on your first real missions I’ve noticed that Dux is missing ALOT. I have him geared up with much higher range and accuracy on his crossbow, yet he missed 5 shots in a row with a guy 2 walk blocks away from him.
Either the RNG for this is heavily favored against the player or there is a possible bug where giving a gun better range is causing it not work well close range.

As for the burning, I threw a molotov at a PYRO guy and he only burned for one turn, same as the MEDBOT. The PYRO dude not burning much makes some logical sense as he would be probably be wearing protective gear, but the medbot?
The MEDBOT is a pain in the butt because if you don’t take him down fast, he re-heals the AI way higher than we can with medkits. I was wanting to toss a molotov at the medbot so he would slowing burn so I could deal with threats who actually fight back, but if he only burns for 1 turn, then it’s a waste.
The only strategy I have for keeping him at bay is to keep the Pig guy (forgot name) firing at him with a knockback enabled gun. But throw a Shaman into the mix and I need the Pig guy to take out the Shaman first before he calls backup.
So it seems like the odds are way stacked against me when there is a Shaman and a Medbot.
I wouldn’t mind if this was later in the game, but I just started playing and I’m already meeting level 10 AI and my characters are only level 5.

Is there a mode you can make where the AI either scales with the player OR tone down the levels of the AI in the early stages of the game?

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