Wow- ever get that sensation that you've missed Something all along...?

Forgive - I have this newly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis so it’s tough on the digits some times so I copied this from my post at Steam.

Posted in Steam forum:
"Feels like I’m missing something.
I know this is late in the game, so-to-speak, with my squad of three mutants literally in the middle of a combat as I type (different rig). But - (Can I?) why can’t I choose my target ?
Either it’s not come up before or I chose to ignore it but this is fundamental.
I’m in the Sea of Titans, elevated position, and it’s almost deal breaking that I cannot send a grenade Downward to my enemies but the Sect Pyro can and indeed Does toss up a Molotov cocktails my way - BUT ALSO I cannot Switch Targets? I’ve had at least two cracks at this Pyro and while he’s in Plain sight, because a Sect Butcher that Brother Bodin is “juicing up with electricity” is closer (maybe), I’ve been denied the Pyro as a target over, and over so he my continue to fire bomb me. What it this ? Hey I’m down with the fantastical, you name it but what is going On?? I’ve never seen such restrictive, one-sided combat.
Sorry really about the rant. my hands hurt when I type tons. so I don’t. But where are the controls that I’m missing here? You guys need a Neo, or an Jedi or something, to bring balance yo. What good are the hides I see all over the place. (little elevated nitches here and there amongst the ruins with ladders even that you CAn noT Use to take a shot??)
-out "

I edit a tad here - trying to tone it down a piece, but probably to no avail.
Also since the above was type - I’ve advanced the combat some and that “Juicy” Sect Butcher I mentioned, brimming with electricity…? Was able to flat out Jump to my elevation, when infact there’s no stairs or ramp near by. Seems the mob types can do Whatever they want, while my health is failing, there is such a scarcity of Heal replenishment I don’t recall the last time I had one. everyone’s on reload and I’m not sure even at this point if there’s ammo. or not. Seems like this might not be the game for me. That makes me sad. What am I missing?