I can't pick my targets? Really?

I was having a blast with the game – honestly hadn’t lost a skirmish and was learning how to combine mutations into some really effective take downs.

Then I got into a firefight, against one of the big headed mutants who can arc electricity between your characters…and realized (as the three surviving enemies were all smooshed together in a confined space) that there is NO WAY to select who I want to shoot at/change targets?

I looked at maps of the various controls – and sure looks like it’s missing.

The ability to prioritize who I want to attack…regardless of to hit percentages…is a basic component to any tactics-based game. Really? Because if you’re going to confirm this isn’t an option, I’m happy to walk away from this game. Challenging is one thing. The designers ramping up the difficulty by simply denying me very basic / established turn based functionality is another.

Did you try TAB to switch targets?

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Or left/right bumper if you’re using a controller.

Because, yeah, it never prevents you from choosing your targets unless you ran into some bug. In which case the devs would probably really like your save file.

Left or Right Bumper…OK…I’ll try it again. But I swear I was pressing everything and didn’t see.