Help: Tips on Targeting [auto targeting]

I am struggling with targeting. I press Tab and it doesn’t always select what is in front of me or near me. I’ve also tried left clicking and sometimes end up targeting myself. Any advice?

Edit: Found Auto Target Hostile Monsters setting

I think tab targeting has been a hit and miss ('scuse the pun!) element ehm, just about forever. It cannot be fully relied upon.

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I never use auto target. It takes over at the most inconvenient times. Leaving it off and hitting tab works well for me but sometimes you need to cycle thru available targets.

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Although incredibly inconsistent, tab often tries to work outwards in terms of targets. One trick is to have a key bound to selecting yourself. You can then tab outwards from yourself. This also helps avoid selecting yourself, because the mouse selection will also cycle through available targets near your cursor.

Although the default self-target key is F1, you can fortunately rebind this. For example, I have it on ‘r’ and am continually spamming it, tab, and escape to start my targeting cycle. You can also macro it by using the command /selectself.


This has helped tremendously. Thank you!

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