Auto-lock targeting isn’t just messed up

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

So when you go into battle, you have the option of selecting a locked target by clicking in the right stick so that your attacks focus on that target. Problem is, more often than not the game says “I see you’ve selected a target in melee range that is currently beating the snot out of you, but right before you swing wouldn’t you rather focus on a bunny rabbit that is across the map and not even paying attention to you?”. Whiff. Miss your target and have to deselect and then reselect a target so that hopefully you will swing at the right one next time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find a target
  2. Click down on right stick to manually select target
  3. Swing your weapon
  4. Watch helplessly as you swing at the air because the game decides that you should be more interested in a target nowhere near you
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The locking system is pretty off at times.
I notice that under certain circumstances, the game will auto lock on characters within range with dismounting from a wall or even switching from 1st PoV to 3rd PoV.

This issue has been present for at least a year, and has the capacity to ruin the game due to frustration.

Hello @LostInTim, does this issue occur by simply swinging your current weapon with any attack combo or are there other factors in play?

Also, what weapon are you using that might cause this issue to happen more frequently?

Happens at any time, auto-lock just switches to another target randomly, sometimes in mid swing sometimes between combos. I usually use an axe or one-handed sword, but it happens with two-handed weapons as well.

Thank you for elaborating, we’ll relay this information to the developers.

Should also note auto lock will lock on other players not in your own clan on pve servers. As its a pve server i see no reason to lock onto other players. I tend to go do dungeons with friends not in my clan and when trying to kill enemies it focuses on the other players instead. So how about we remove the option to auto lock on other players for pve servers?

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