Hit percentages wrong

SO tell me how, if I maneuver so that I get 100% to hit, I still miss? ■■■■■■ fix your game.

Could it be that you saw the 100% while you where ambushing? Then the enemy saw you and you got a 75% hit chance due to him getting a cover bonus he didn’t have before noticing you. Have happened to me on occasion.

game doesnt calculate everything on the initial shot viewing, any change during your action will effect it.

Moving and no longer being hidden will drop your crit chacne, entering an enemy into combat will give it applicable cover bonuses. nova sect have a passive bullet shield effect as well.

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What I hate is when the game says I have a 75% chance to hit, but I miss - reload and try - then continue to miss no matter how many times I retry the shot. It’s as if the game decides whether you’re going to hit before any dice are rolled.

Funny you should say that. That’s actually how computers work. A computer gives you the same answer every time you ask the same question. They are not random whatsoever. They can only simulate randomness. They call them “pseudorandom” numbers. When they say they are giving you a random number, what they are actually doing is giving you the result of taking an initial random number “seed” and the “step” you are on in the random number list. By “step” I mean you’re saying “Give me the first random number for seed 29382348211. Give me the second random number for seed 29382348211.” Etc. If you know the seed and the algorithm used, you can calculate every random number that will ever be generated, in the exact order they would be generated. That’s because it’s just a formula.

Now, to back up into the “well, okay, maybe not ALL random numbers are pseudorandom” part. Yes, there are some ways for a computer to get true random numbers. They do this through measure external phenomena that is itself random. You can measure radioactive decay if you had a measuring device for that. You could measure time between a user pressing one key and the next. You can measure temperature fluctuations of a chip down to some long decimal place.

But all those are a bit more exotic and are only worth the effort if you’re doing stuff like cryptography where you don’t want an attacker to EVER be able to guess the next random number in the sequence, because that would allow them to crack open your encrypted data. For normal stuff like games, it’s much much easier and works on more machines to just use a pseudorandom number generator.

However, what they can do is change the seed so you don’t get the same result every time. XCOM has an option called “Save Scum” to do this starting with Enemy Within. It also either changes the seed or advances to the next random number in the list when you take actions other than shooting, like moving and activating skills or using a different character or whatnot. This means you can reload a save and switch to another character and do something different, then come back to that original character and they may have a different shot result.

I haven’t quite figured out how MYZ is approaching their random numbers, but they are definitely pseudorandom. And they seem to be very repeatable, at least in the short term. However, I found that if I loaded the same save much later, like 10 minutes later, I got different results. I’m suspecting they may use a new seed based off the time when the save is loaded, but without much granularity (say, only looking at the hour and minute value, rounded off to the nearest 10 minutes, to just pull a method out of the air). I suspect you’d see this as well if you loaded the same save an hour later.

So, in short, there is “predestination” in this game, just as there would be in most games using random number generation. It’s just that MYZ does it in a way that doesn’t facilitate save scumming very well.


One other possibility is that you were shooting at a psionic target. They have (same as stalker Magnus’ “Telekinesis Shield” mutation) a 25% chance to negate your shot. This can occur even if your calculated chance where 100%. You can tell that this was the case by a small electric field animation on the target as the bullet hit.

Just noticed the same behaviour. Firing Selma Twitch shot. Always misses second shot, though percentage is shown as 75. Will try later reload, but not hopeful.

When you say “always”, are you reloading and trying again, or are you tracking it across multiple encounters? And also I assume it’s 75% after you select Twitch Shot, not 75% and then you select TS.

Is this the first game you play, ever? Thats how random works on a thing that cant calculate random!

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