Incorrect probability calculation/processing?

I ambushed a single ghoul with my three characters, all attacking with silenced weapons. Last in line to attack was Bormin with the MIMIR needle pistol. The hit probability was 75% (-25% due to range). I tried 12(!) times (reloaded in between) and NEVER scored a hit. Then switched the order in which I attacked and started with Bormin and immediately scored a hit.

Yes, this could have been a case of REALLY bad luck in dice roll but I seriously doubt it. Will try it again for another 10+ times to see but I think it’s possible that the calculation is buggy (or is there any reason, which is not shown, that could reduce the probability further?). The target was not moving but was on fire (but I guess that is not an issue).

Otherwise, I completely love the game. I encountered some minor issues (character still get stuck from time to time after exiting combat) but it looks great and is a blast to play!

This is intentional, the outcome is predetermined by a seed that is part of your current game. It doesn’t “re-roll” a dice each time, this prevents save-scumming (where you reload until you get the result you want).