Stuck in the Grave of Ancients [PS4]

Around the start of the area IKA Supermarket area I am unable to pick up the broken electronic scrap on the second floor of the supermarket, as well as I, can not HIDE at all on the second floor and once hidden I can not recall or ambush. I can just past the supermarket yet for some reason every weapon I have with high hit chance misses every target and I end up dying in combat due to the inability to hit any targets. This makes this area unplayable…

Are you determining that every weapon misses by saving and reloading? Because this doesn’t reset the outcome of the dice roll. Basically, you get the same first dice roll every time (with some technical caveats that I can’t express with 100% confidence). I think you’re saying you’re taking shot after shot after shot at 75% chance and missing, even without reloading. But it’s best to make sure.

Because all that other stuff seems really buggy.

Edited to make more clear.

What is the chance 3 characters with 75% chance to hit, all 3 miss twice in a row? Attacking from stealth?
Now the entire combat my characters miss every shot believe me combat is short when you miss every shot that is less than 100%…before this area I hit even with 25% some of the time in this area I can’t hit the broadside of a barn unless there is no chance to miss. I tested this on my second attempt where I had to put all 3 characters at 100% to hit if I took 1 step back at 75% I missed every time…

This means either RNJesus hates me and has deemed me a threat to survival or something broke in the game…Now granted the Ambush positions only granted a 75% to hit but the fact in my second attempt I did a test which killed my characters fast because of a lack of cover they were using to do this test…I admit the test may be flawed and it is a slim but unrealistic slim chance they all rolled different but similar rolls which all were misses when 75% but the likely hood of such a thing is pretty astronomical…

Well, 25% chance of a miss three times in a row would be about 1.5%. So while rare, not astronomically so. And it’s certainly something you’d notice, so you have that bias to consider. In other words, you don’t really keep a running track of the results if they come in a more random order. Like if you had all 75% shots and you had two results:
miss, miss, miss, hit, hit
miss, hit, miss, hit, miss

You’d not be surprised at the second but maybe you would at the first, even though they are just as likely.

As far as stepping them one step back, that doesn’t really change anything in this game. A 75% is a 75%, whether it be one step back from 100% or one step forward from 50%.

The reason I asked about the reloading is (sorry if you’re familiar with this) the way computers generate random numbers is not actually random. They’re predictable if you know the “seed” (a big number) that used as the thing you tell the random number generator to start with. So if the seed you were on meant your next three random numbers were 74, 63 and 10 and you reloaded, those would still be the same next three random numbers it would serve up. MYZ doesn’t do much to scramble those like some other games like XCOM do (where taking one step with a character will cause a new seed to happen).

Please don’t take any of this to mean I’m saying you’re wrong! Far from it. Plenty of bugs to be found in the game.

I’ll try to give you a play by play, first encounter before reload I ambushed enemy each character missed at 75% it alerted other enemies so I took cover accordingly and missed every shot until I died.
Second encounter similar enemy this one in the IKA Supermarket when it went down from the second floor ambush all at 75% all missed, this is where I started the test I took everyone from cover stood them at the maximum distance for 100% chance to hit shot, all hit, next turn they all took 1 step back to 75% all missed. Now one of mine is down so fired again at 75% both missed next turn one died again so my remaining character fired and missed at 75%…

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That also doesn’t cover the hiding issue I now have and the fact that I can’t obtain the scrap on the desk on the second floor of the IKA Supermarket…I would have 100% chance to hit if I could utilize hide on the second floor.

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I’ve started a new game now to see if once I get there I have the same issue.