Combat Bugs with Update 33

I noticed some bugs with combat while in Single player on PC. Also I think these bugs are on servers as well, because I’ve seen some youtuber videos where they are having similar problems.

  1. KO-ing Thralls with all truncheons is definitely bugged. When you try to do a normal attack with a truncheon on a thrall the hit does not register to the thrall. The only way you can KO a thrall is with a finisher attack it seems. However even landing a finisher with the truncheon is near impossible because the thralls keep attacking you when you are landing your normal attacks and the hits aren’t getting registered so your combo gets interrupted and you never get to your finisher. Please fix this ASAP as it makes getting thralls near impossible.

  2. Also I noticed there is an issue with normal attacks with several weapons when you auto lock on an enemy. Your normal attacks don’t register as hit also in auto lock. Only finishers seem to do damage. I have noticed this with spears, daggers, and axes. When you exit auto lock combat seems to be fine though. please look into this as well.

Now I noticed that the same issues exist on servers even after the patches and hotfix was released. These issues have not been addressed and I have not heard anything back from any devs about it. And I don’t know why the devs gave most of the crafter thralls maces for weapons, it makes it so that you cant land a single hit on the thrall because they keep knocking you back and interrupting your attack. Like I said, the only way you can KO thralls now is with finishing blows and you cant even land one because the thralls attack you and stop your attack before you get to your finisher. Right now this makes getting thralls near impossible. Please fix this ASAP and let me know if you are looking into it at least.

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