Combat hitching & Tooltip Rendering

Game mode: [Online PVP Official|
Region: [America]
Server [3569 ]

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During combat with a NPC or Player the game hitches and drops the frame rates character ends up off target once the hitching / rendering catches up with the combat you are able to fight typical outcome if more than a few enemies you hitch in to a death stuck not being able to choose bed or bed roll as option.

Storage Box / Blacksmith work tables tooltip press square option when a room is filled with more than about 6 of these items the character lags in to each tooltip rendering the data this option needs to be fixed to allow us to turn it off if this feature is available it’s not working correctly.

Server 3859 tends to sit with a high ping of 121+ this is very high for a server to be operating at typical ping ratio is 6MS to 14MS on a gaming server with no players no reason whatsoever should this machine have such a high ping while many are sitting a 329+ that can and will render massive lag
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Engage in to combat with a NPC choose the gallion as the location
  2. watch the hitching take place once about 3 to 8 NPC attack you and you attempt to attack back.
  3. Acts as if it could be a memory leak or frame rate hitch it’s not lag or a connection issue.

  1. build a room with storage boxes and craft tables add thralls
  2. watch the lag on the Playstation 4 begin to clip character will get slung past the item.
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