Combat Test Live US3 PVE Teleporting Npc (Unplayable)

Npc hit you from across the screen. Npc teleport to you location repeatedly surrounding you and kill. Npc float in air , sink in ground and is impossible to play. Could someone please verify this.

Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP has been similarly bug-ridden and unplayable.

What I’ve witnessed is less severe than described above, but NPCs engaging from many meters away. They are not in range when they make contact with you, the player. You can swing at where you see them, but they are actually in a different location. I watch my follower (who is not always where they seem to be) to determine where to strike.

I can confirm that NPCs are floating far above the apparent surface of the ground, sinking into the ground and mountain sides. I couldn’t pick up a foal to save my life, but I suspected this is because I have not researched the stable. Have screenshots of all this, but why bother.

I have given up hope of using that online server for reliably testing Conan Exiles or reporting new issues, because it is so full of issues like this.

There is combat music long after enemies are defeated. Rubberbanding beyond reasonable or acceptable frequency.

My thirst bar decreases from 100% to 10% in 6 minutes at a 1.0 rate, standard settings. I’m hungry as hell, and the exertion levels and climate are not out of the parameters I use in Solo play or other servers, though my level is of course lower.

I kept thinking as I tested today, I seriously hope that these issues are not indicative of the forthcoming build because if they are, it will be a bust.

Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP - no mods
I gave up playing on the testlive server last night because I was getting rubberbanding so bad.

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