Combat_TestLive_US3_PVE Offline

Any way you can reset the server? I lost all my base and stuff earlier this month when I couldn’t log in because the server wasn’t working for over a week, then when it was I didn’t have time until it was too late.

Today, of course I ventured into the volcano for the first time to gather some demon blood and goldstone and the server went offline right when i was in a dangerous area, so I’m probably dead and lost my corpse.

You need to take better care of those of us working on your test servers to report bugs and help you out.

For example there is no reason you cannot warn us if we are online that you are taking the server offline for X amount of time in X amount of minutes. That way we could get to a safe place!

I just checked and I was able to log into US3-PvE server.

I agree a message would be nice if the server needs to be taken offline.

Okay I’m home sick from work today I will check shortly. Hope I am not dead in the volcano it would be hell getting my corpse.

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