Coming with Age of War: Isle of Women!

Isle of Women

Full custom map

The compliment to Isle of Men is coming, the Isle of Women! The idea of this map is almost orthogonal to Isle of Men. The land area is about 4x5 km for now and is intended for a relaxing parallel experience to the Exiled Lands. It is full of lush, tropical landscapes and more traditional EL themes so that admins and players can have plenty of space for using Pippi (or equivalent) to customize areas to their liking.

The map has platforms off map that will be accessible to admins to create their own dungeons, with teleport coordinates provided at release. There are two open air platforms, two closed and darkened for dungeons, and one with the Midnight Grove sky for free use. As I continue work on IoW, dungeons will be added at various predetermined entry points:

There are also certain areas that are reimaginings of areas that may be familiar to you from the Exiled Lands:

There are also new areas that I think people will like for build locations, namely waterfalls, as well as new castaway camps:

Where Isle of Men is hard, Isle of Women is soft, purposefully contrasting each other with the full intent that admins could use Amunets Server Transfer to link up the maps, or use them independently as they see fit. If that appeals to you, look for it on June 22nd.


You are faster in developing new maps, than I am able to test them… :smiley:

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I like that you’ve got both the old fashioned woman and the new aged woman represented in your screenshot. Thoughtful and very classy! :+1:t2::tumbler_glass:

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Two dungeons have now been added. The Sewer (reimagined Dregs) and The Sanctuary (reimagined Warmaker’s).


Updated to 2.0.0 with a new northern region!


Hello! Enjoying this map! Have you already added a way to unlock obsidian tools yet or is that still coming? Spent the day hunting an unlock dungeon or boss to no avail, Tyty for all ur work!

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Playing this map now. Great mod - test it out, people!

The start is less brutal than in Isle of Men. The map is tough, tougher than the Exiled Lands, but not so much as to be tedious. Giant map, well designed, no holes or broken textures so far.

Found sorcery, golem crafting, cooking recipes, a rhino mount - much more left to discover!


Played the reimagined Sewers and Sanctuary. Both awesome. The new Sanctuary was quite a challenge.


IoW getting the winecellar and jhebbal sag dungeon with ch 4 on tuesday. Also includes some of the JS bosses and features of ch 4. And I forgot to mention, world obelisks and a custom maproom are coming, and a light fog of war to track where you’ve been, courtesy Amunets Curiosity and Exploration.


If you do this to IoM, I’m going to smack you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking after the end of the current season of the game (EL+Age of Calamitous) to start a new game on one of your islands. Could you briefly explain the difference between IoW and IoM?


Never on IoM. That’s what portals are for and why sorcery is a pita to obtain.


IoM is for people who think the game is too easy; survival is buffed and the mobs are much harder (it is getting temperature changes with time of day this update too). It has no load points; dungeons are integrated as caves and have no player spawnpoints at their entrance. Bedroll management is a major thing.

IoW is the opposite. The main world is very easy going. It is fairly open for people to have room for pretty builds and the dungeons are all off map. With the exception of Hanuman’s grotto (near future addition) all the base game dungeons have an equivalent that is similar in style, but gussied up to he different with extra difficulty included and sometimes combined to make them more replayable. It also has AoC and Thrall Wars integration so admins dont have to do as much setup and now has some LCDA Beastiary spawns if those mods are loaded (if you don’t have them, you wont be impacted). The arenas intended for Thrall Wars bosses are useable without TW with a small additional mod called Keymaster that would let a player exit the dungeon with keys handed out via pippi kits on any bosses/chests placed in the arenas.

Both are getting fog of war this update; IoM’s fog is more opaque but still somewhat seethru, but IoW’s fog is more to show you where you have not been.


Isle of Men:

  • Main theme: exploring a horror island.
  • The map is dark. Very dark.
  • The map is large. Very, very large, without any travel system. Mounts only available quite far into the map.
  • There’s basically only two biomes: dark woods and volcano.
  • Lots of camps, Siptah mobs and little caves.
  • Sorcery is hard to get, but rrrrreally helps in traversing the map.
  • Brutal difficulty. Camps usually have large groups of enemies which f’ck you up.
  • It is hard to find some resources, e. g. silk. There are spiders all around the island, but it’s so large and dark that they’re difficult to find.
  • Difficult to find nice-looking building spots.

Isle of Women:

  • Bright. You start at a tropical island. It feels like vacation compared to Isle of Men.
  • It is still more difficult than the Exiled Lands, but not as hard*.
  • Several biomes, from tropical island to frozen north. They’re separated into several islands.
  • Great dungeons, reimagined from the base game.
  • An arena with Thrall Wars bosses. If the map should ever feel too easy, go there to get your teeth knocked out of arrogant mouth.
  • Lots of scenic locations.

*Note: My comment above was based on a difficulty spike I didn’t realize: Another mod modded the difficulty of this mod, which modded the mobs to be moderately monstrous. Killing a Kappa was an epic fight. After removing the other mod, the starting area is more foregiving.

If you’re playing single player, try starting at the Isle of Women, then progress to Isle of Men later. That’s what I did on my current playthrough, and it’s fun.
The Isle of Men is a bit depressing due to the lack of light, so it’s nice to return to the Isle of Women for some light-hearted fun and absurd boss fights.

Some screenshots from the Island of Women:

The latter shows the beautiful view from by base.

P. S.:

There are some wide, flat areas where it’s easy to build without having to use a gazillion foundations to provide even ground:

So… if you like base building, visit the Isle of Women!


There are some lighting tweaks to both maps coming. There is desert on IoM, but its a very small corner area.

Consequently, IoM is getting some landscape material changes this update; volcano is getting volcano rock and lava!

Oh… and I may have mentioned this somewhere… the black ones are replacing the werehyena ambushers…

IoW as a vacation from IoM is a very apropos description.

I really need to update the mod page images…


Oh and there’s this…


The IoW Island Map-room, craftable with the build hammer. Does not replace the standard maproom for those that use Amunets Server Transfer, although both function (just visually using the right one will be more informative).


@darthphysicist @Khaletohep thanks for the info!

Yes, I will do that.