Community Challenge Rewards Not Found in Feat (Patch 2.4.6)

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: Oceania
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I am playing in server #6405 & #1953 and was participating in killing NPCs during the community challenge to kill 50 mil NPCs. It’s mentioned in patch 2.4.6 that the community challenge rewards are available for Conan Exiles players. However, I couldn’t find the rewards in the Feat under Armorer or Saddle maker (screen shot at link below). Other players in the server confirming, in game, that they got them. The rewards are not found in other server I am playing as well, namely OCE #1953, Asia #1325 and Asia #6207. I also did game file integrity check, but found nothing’s wrong.

Screen shots:
No rewar Armor
No reward Epic Armor
No reward Saddle

Expected Behavior:

I expected to have the community challenge reward under Feat Armorer, Epic and Saddler maker.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Killing NPCs during community challenge week
  2. Install patch update 2.4.6
  3. No reward found in Feat

If you select Armorer or Exile Epics and then scroll down on the list of things it teaches on the right, you should see the Barachan Reiver outfit pieces.

You should be able to craft the items at their respective crafting stations.

If these aren’t working for you, please let us know.


Many thanks for the clarification.


Sure thing! Were you able to find the recipes?

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So there is indeed an issue with community event armors, all of the players on my dedicated server have the same bug. When you go into your feats and go to armorer and then scroll the list of items it allows you to build it has 5 additional Heavy Padding at the bottom of the list. I can confirm this for 3 players in total.

I’d provide a screenshot, but as a new user it won’t allow it. If you have this bug, please see if you have the same issue and supply some screenshots.

How perplexing. I’ve bumped your userlevel up one so you can now post screenshots. If you try to go to, say, an armorer’s bench, do you have the option to craft the Barachan set or is it just a bunch of heavy padding?

No additional Heavy Padding listed in the bench. It is just in the Armorer Feat at the bottom.

Gotcha. For my own clarity’s sake, are you able to craft the set from an armorer’s bench?

No, it isn’t craft-able in the armor bench, it isn’t in the list. I have provided a screen shot of what is currently available to me.


I also don’t see the Kordovan Horse Saddle in the corresponding Feat or Bench.

Are you using mods?

Yes we are using mods. I just disabled them and the Event Rewards show up. Turning the mods back on removes them again. So a mod is responsible for my dedicated server’s bug. We are currently running:

Grim_Wonderbody_reupload (2514931841)
Ooga_Booga_Stuff (2384014945)
75_Percent (1273074761)
LitManLevelOneFiftySixpak (1138108077)

So modders if you are reading this update your mods! For those finding this thread turn off your mods, they may be the issue. Dev’s if this could be something on your end, please get it patched. Thanks to AndyB for checking in on this thread.

This is your culprit. Mod author made a crucial error. Their mod doesn’t require updating if they set it up right, and they didn’t. I notified them of their mistake already.


Thanks for the heads up.

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