[Community Event] Shambala: Everyone Becomes an Enemy! July 2

Thanks Hyn for running all PvP related stuff lately. I think we all had a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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I completely forgot to get screenshots in on time - migraines are brutal on the brain - but here’s a couple of fun screenshots from the event just for the sake of it! I know full well they won’t qualify for the screenshot contest. :>

The Gatekeeper, filled not only with hate but also with overwhelming loneliness as well:

There was an impostor among us:


Thank You all for participating!

Solo Screenshot Contest

  • 1st: Lizzaya
    Shocking Steps, Green + 20 Elaborate Glyph Fragments + 20 Resplendent Talisman Fragments + 5 Red Container Keys

I also really liked the bonuses, especially these ones:

  • 2nd: Lethargie
    Arctic Survey Drone + 15 Elaborate Glyph Fragments + 15 Resplendent Talisman Fragments + 10 Yellow Container Keys

  • 3rd: fowlskin
    Inferno’s Regalia - Outfit + 10 Elaborate Glyph Fragments + 10 Resplendent Talisman Fragments + 20 Purple Container Keys

Group ScreenShot Contest

  • Lisiasty
    You and your gang each won Icy Claws + 20 Elaborate Glyph Fragments + 20 Resplendent Talisman Fragments + 10 Weapon Fragments + Energizing Talisman Catalyst

+ A Special Prize 'cause I rly like this one:

All your screens was good!

Sorry for the delay, I have had real life issue.

By the way! I will put anniversary video here.

Dont’ forget to claim your rewards!

Thank you (: :tada:


Here is the video I made in memory of the Event. This is an amateur video don’t be too hard :wink:
Thank you all for this really nice event (:
We are a GOOD community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anniversary Shambala Event: Everyone Becomes an Ennemy!

Btw, I don’t think the video will stay for long ‘cause I used a music with a big copyright =/ (Yes, I knew that when I made the video!)
So if you want to watch it, I recommend you to watch it as soon as possible when you have time allowed for it! ^-^’
This is a private video and non commercial video, I hope the video will stay e few days.

I apologize for the very jerky recording. And that, not to mention the real potential lags.
I had made to test very high quality dungeon recordings and it worked fine. But a middle+ quality on Shambala didn’t work at all. And I did not take the time to check and correct this problem during the event.
I’m really sorry to not be able to present correct content. :frowning:
In any case, you have the possibility to see better quality videos:

Ceruleana’s video: Secret World Legends - 5th Anniversary | Everyone Becomes an Enemy Shambala Event - YouTube
Tom’s video: SECRET WORLD LEGEND PVP SHAMBALLA 02/07/22 - YouTube


Video is awesome!! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


just realised im a winner
thanks for the event it was a fun one