Companion without reason dead

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[Companion without reason dead
Schwindsucht, Server 3023

Event Log;
2019.09.13-10.32.15 Eina, die Leichte im Besitz von xxxx ist gestorben.
2019.09.13-10.32.15 Eina, the lightweight owned by xxxx has died.

In the evening I’m only online for a short time. Over the card table in the ice world to get star metal
Immediately after arriving in the ice world, Eina is gone.
There was no fight or other problems!
It would be nice if I could get one again, with armor and weapon.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello, thank you for reaching out!

We would need further information to determine what could’ve occurred to your companion, such as whether he was following you or guarding an area, in which case it will be useful to know the exact location as well.

In any case, companions may be attacked by NPCs, and other players could have lured enemies to kill them. It’s also possible that they die due to falling from high heights or walking into Lava, and occasionally they may clip through the map and fall to their death, so knowing more details would enable us to pinpoint the cause.

As stated in the previous post you’ve made, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items or followers, but in the eventuality that it was lost to a bug and that we get enough information to reproduce it on our end, we might be able to fix it and prevent it from happening.

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