Stuff completely gone right after death

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

Hello there,
I am playing on PS4 on an official PVE Asia server, level 60.
I had an unconscious thrall on a rope, went to a safe place near somebody’s house that was guarded by a bear, and went afk for about 3 minutes.
When I came back, I was dead. Oh well, I had a bedroll super close so not a problem. Turns out a monster was dead where I got killed, so I suppose the monster killed me and my uncouscious thrall, and the bear killed it.
Well, I could loot whatever the thrall had on him, but although my bonepile and my boday was there, there was nothing to loot.
I lost the 3 legendary weapons I had on me, and the 2 legendary armors. And all the loot I got before I died… Not cool

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there @eizuka

Welcome to our community.
Please check the event log (under the pause menu) to see if somebody took that loot before you got back to your tombstone.

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