New bug or was this known?

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe] Server official #3181 PvE ps4

I just logged in after the update today and appeared dead, then i went to my body to pick up my items, but it doesnt appear anywhere near the mark. I play online mode JcE on ps4, i dont know what just happened, but im so mad rn cause i had many great things on me. Can someone help me somehow

Sometimes just leaving the area then returning will respawn your body, check the event log to find out any other information.

I did, like several times. Also logged off and in again many times and nothing.

There are tombstones where you died. Bodies are not lootable anymore :slight_smile:

Are tombstones on the place i die? Cause i cant find anything lootable with my items

Does that mean tombstones are lootable ?

Yes they are if server setting allow it on your server. Loot in a tombstone is free to first come first gets.

Ya it’s just like the body you use to loot now it’s just a pile of rock with a stick and skull sticking out of it

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