Comprehensive Conan Exiles Training Stream for New Players

Hello Everyone!

In honor of the Official Launch of Isle of Siptha AND Conan Exiles Free week. I will be doing a Twitch Stream this evening from 11:30 pm til for Approx 4 hours focused on helping all the new players that are enjoying Conan Exiles being free on steam this week.

This stream will have drops and will consist of me playing through Isle of Siptah for the first time, while sharing tips and tricks for new players. I am a PvP player with many hours of experience with the game’s current mechanics and would love to show all you new players how to survive and thrive in game.

Drops will be enabled throughout the stream for the twitch drops and all questions are welcome! I hope to see ya’ll there.

I will start the stream at 11:30, but will let people trickle in for a bit before I boot up Isle of Siptah. I will be playing on an East Coast Public Official PvP server. The stream channel can be found at

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