New To Survival and Conan Exiles

Hello all. I recently downloaded Conan Exiles. I am interested in playing it with others but I have no experience in survival games. Looking for people to play with that are patient and willing to help new people like myself to understand the game. Willing to learn and just want to enjoy the game like so many others seem to do. Thank you. -TheKTJ

Welcome to CE! You’re going to love it. May I ask are you playing on computer, ps4, or xbox? And are you looking to just survive against the environment or are you also looking to wreck a little mayhem on your fellow players?

Id like to get the hang of surviving the PvE aspect of it first. And I am on PS4

Go with a PVE Conflict server first to learn the game. It has pvp hours but your base can’t be destroyed from online players. I play on 3829 if you join that one

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