Hello i am new to Conan exiles

Hello I was looking for a person who would like to play co-op with me for a while. I am new to Conan and would like to do it’s PVE content before stepping foot into PVP, or who know maybe just staying with PVE. Anyway like I said I am looking for someone to play with I am male 30 years old. I usually play during the day in USA central time zone from 8am-1pm. I use discord to chat. I will play with about anyone. as long as you don’t use racial comments or is not toxic. I just want the joy of playing with someone while trying this game out.

Would suggest to hop in a live pve server and not be afraid to use the chat there for any questions u have.Conan exiles pve communitty is a fantastic friendly most of the times communitty that will surprise u . Do not waste time in coop mode. Do not hesitate to ask why i suggest this

i just got somone to join me in co-op so why do you suggest not doing this? is it the tethering? also what is your pve sever?

the worst thing in coop is that u cannot be at different times in different places… u gotta stick together… if the host moves a bit away from the guest the game teleports the guest at host location (which can be annoying)… offline mode also has some drawback (like star metal not spawning unless u r at the area (or disappearing when u get out of render range). i play on more than one servers. but most of the pve servers i have experienced have really relaxed and helpfull communitty.

for starters it works in local network, for external connection you’d have to go through all the port forwarding and other setup hoops before it would even be possible and in the end it’s really not recommended to allow externals to your local network like that, just join a friendly private server I’m sure there are plenty

sounds good i will check it out.