CONAN crashes crashesssssssss crashessssss!

1032 SERVER crashes all the time not played we deposited money but not played the game crashes it crashes it crashes it crashes we will sue you we will open a court you conned us the game is not played it crashes constantly

Good luck with that, lol.

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Let us know what the attorney says, if you even have the gall to talk to one. Which I bet you don’t.

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You have been on the forum before so you should know threatening a lawsuit isn’t going to accomplish anything. Sorry to hear you are having problems it blows.

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Relax and look for another game, these funcom guys are not worth a single minute of stress, I have been playing their games since 2009 and this time with Exiles theyve gone too far they destroyed their own game, I started complaining in june and finally gave up, they dont care a sh–t about us, take a breath and change game.
They turned the best survivsl game into an umplayable strange wierd thing.

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Its December…

Are you the kind of guy that hangs around old jobs talking junk about the employer to the employees still there?

I recommend your own advice, but you do you.


I hope he just ignores your wise recommendations and does what he think best. But thanks again for bringing your infinite wisdom here :slight_smile:

Funcom is leave this game.