Conan DevKit - simulation broken

I’m running out of places to ask so I thought I’d try here. Whenever I try to run a simulation on the conan devkit, I get a character creation screen with no visible character. If I continue and “create” my character, theres still nothing. I go through a loading screen and end up in my map with the controls one uses to move around in the editor (flying etc), with no ability to open my inventory, esc menu or anything else.

Anyone know what’s going on? It’s a real pain in the ■■■ when the only option to test my mods is to build them and import them into conan. I’ve tried verifying the devkit and also deleting the save game dbs. No success whatsoever.

For anyone that might make the same mistake as me, here’s your fix:

Turns out I was just being a complete and utter noob. I should have really read some of the unreal official docs first. My problem was that I was attempting to play the game in the wrong play mode. I switched to p.i.e instead of simulated and it’s now working the way I wanted.

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