Devkit question, oh god I think I broke it

Hey so uh, I think I broke my devkit, maybe? A little while ago I was poking around, trying to figure out if I could add new playable race options to the character creation screen, and I somehow managed to not only accidentally blank the Race.uasset file, but then I accidentally saved it too:

In my defense I’ve never claimed to be good at modding.

I’ve tried making new characters without it and it seems to work, but then again I’ve also started getting error messages when I try to cook updates to my mod, too. So, everyone out there who knows the devkit better than I do, is this asset important? Will I be able to get by without it, or do I need to restore it somehow? I’ve already tried deleting everything and reinstalling twice, but each time it just comes back blank again, and that’s about as far as my computer know-how goes.

Navigate to where your mods are installed on your local machine in windows file explorer(they will be in the Conan exiles dev kit install folder under mods). Find your mod folder, then go to content, and find the .uasset you saved. Delete it, and then launch the dev kit.

That will restore that file back to default/vanilla. If you have other issues or can’t figure it out, send me a DM on discord via the fan discord, mod discord, or my own discord.

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Probably should have mentioned it, but that was the very first thing I tried, and it not working was the reason I deleted and reinstalled it twice and started over on my mod from scratch rather than try to update the existing one. That screenshot I posted was taken immediately after installing it the second time, without having a mod open.

Have you tried verifying files?

Yeah, several times. I even tried reinstalling the second time on an entirely different hard drive, with no luck.

If you hit me up on discord, I can probably send it to you from my side. It opens fine for me.

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