Conan Devkit Custom Maps Not Showing up In-Game

Hello, I’ve recently downloaded the devkit for Conan and was seeing about making a custom map from scratch (not editing the sandbox level) so I made a new mod and in that folder I created a new level with a terrain and set up the material for it. Then I added the skybox and light and all that and wanted to see if I can load it in the live game, I built the mod and got a message saying the mod was ready for use and moved the .pak file into my game’s mod folder and loaded it. In-game it shows the mod loaded under the mod list but when I go to start it up in singleplayer I hit the custom tab but in the map dropdown my new map doesn’t show up, I can’t find any documentation on making a brand new map anywhere so I was hoping I could get a hand on here, how do I get my new map to display in the dropdown in-game? Is there a setting I need to check in the devkit to tell the mod that this is a map mod?

Edit: Also wanted to add I am using the standard version of the devkit that you get from the Epic store not the devkit test live version.

I see that you have already joined the modding discord. Check the pinned msgs in the map channel. If you still have an issue, there are quite a few helpful guys in there who may be able to guide you better.

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