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So I’ve been working on a couple of mods for Conan Exiles. One of which is a map mod(hopefully) that introduces a custom map. The question I have is, Is there a way that I can get a server to load said map instead of conansandbox? How would I do this? and what steps need to be taken within the mod to make it possible?

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Per the hosting instructions for the SolitudeRP map mod, which I assume would work for any other custom map as well:

Upon downloading and installing this mod for your server, you must add these two lines at the bottom of your “Engine.ini” file located in “/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsServer”


This same file must be edited in the same way for Single Player as well. Just be sure to remove these two lines if you uninstall the mod.

Just substitute the name of whatever other map you’re trying to load in the second line, obviously. I should say though that when I tried this in my singleplayer game the indicated folder didn’t exist and trying to edit the only “Engine.ini” file I could find didn’t do anything, so uh good luck I guess.

I’m hoping that when the new map is released then the process will be made a lot easier, because as it is I just can’t be bothered to check out any of the custom maps that do exist right now because just getting them to load is such a hassle. Ideally I’d like to see something like in Ark where not only can you choose which official map you want to play on, but there’s also a section with any custom maps you may have installed as well. (This game may beat out Ark in a lot of areas, but the ease with which it deals with its mods is not one of them.)

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Thanks for the info, I had done a good deal of searching but apparently that tidbit had eluded me. I will give this a go and see what happens.

On the last note, I agree. I too hope that this new map would make this process easier(or at least more understandable) and having those features would definitely be a great jump ahead for them.

EDIT: I tried this and found some issues with my code. But it’s a step in the right direction, again thank you for the info.

Consider joining the modding discord also. Map creation and editing isn’t my particular area of expertise, but there are others there that can offer advice.

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