Conan Exiles alternative for role player migration

Looking to start an open discussion on what other viable alternative games or platforms exist that could substitute as a good alternative to Conan Exiles particularly for Role players.


Ever hear of D&D? I mean srsly, CE didnt invent role play.

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If you are looking for a similar game idea to CE, Ark and Valheim both have a solid RP community.

Obviously, there are many other videogames with large RP communities.

Not sure the Conan Exiles forums is the best place for such a discussion :man_shrugging:

Skyrim, tabletop D&D (3.0/3.5 and /or Pathfinder), L5R, Minecraft, The Sims, Baldurs Gate 3, tabletop version of Conan. Hell, find the 2004 Conan rpg by Mongoose Publishing and you can use it to supplement 3rd Edition D&D

Conan Exiles was designed as a pass thru game. You ascend at the end and start over.
If you want RP and Conan, go to a modded server, there are lots of them out there.
We play 3 different modded servers and they are so much better than vanilla.

The only REAL rp game with a real rp server (I mean full-rp of course) that I could ever find in many years of search, is Neverwinter Nights, and the server in particular I’m talking about is, of course, The Arelith.

But, this may seem too different from Conan Exiles in terms of the actual experience. It’s not a 3D game (feels more like isometric if not tabletop), it has a target lock battle system, it’s literally a D&D implementation (though it’s very, very good!) and the lore is the Forgotten Realms.

Still, you get everything you can imagine from a real RP game: persistent world (the server has been on for 20 years or so), LOTS of players everywhere (yes, the population matters) doing their everyday stuff, making the entire world alive, crafting system, politics, economics, plots, intrigues… Also I believe there is some pvp, though I have never encountered it yet…

For me Arelith serves as the RP haven where I can rest from Conan Exiles (where I am actually trying to do the same full-rp thing, but here I struggle to find the true likeminded roleplayers). But the thrill for adventures and the actual mechanical fights keeps bringing me back here.