Conan Exiles Gaming Community

:maple_leaf: The dark Brotherhood :maple_leaf:
Conan Exiles Gaming Community

Welcome :black_heart:

If you’ve come this far, it’s only a small step to us :blush::wave:

:scroll: Community Info:

Our main focus is on the survival factor, with official settings in mind for the true gaming experience.

We have existed for 2 years, have a fixed set of rules, a helpful international community and 3 different servers.

You can find more information on our Discord servers :blush:

:scroll: Server Info:

Ps4/5 | EU - Servers | Pve - Conflict Server
Exile Lands {40 Slots} & Isle of Siptah {30 Slots}

β€’ XP x2 | Farm x3 β€’ Admin shop
β€’ Clan size 10 β€’ Events & Quests
β€’ Drop on Death β€’ Discord & Bots
β€’ Flag - System β€’ building everywhere

  • ARENA | EVENT PvP - Server