Active & popular EU PvE-C Community

:shield:The dark Brotherhood​:shield: - Ps4/5 | EU server

We are an active international PvE-C community, with official settings in mind.

We provide both worlds and host weekly events, arena and much more.
{Exile Lands & Isel of Siptah}

Ă— no building damage
Ă— Ă— Drop on Death {DoD}
Ă— Adminshop {without Pay-to-Win}
Ă— Slightly Boosted {Farm x4 & XP x2}
Ă— Events - Arena
Ă— Rp Quests
Ă— Clan size 7

For more information, please join our Discord server and see for yourself.

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I believe I already joined your server on exile lands, is it French? I have some old pvp companions that wanted to remove their rust on Conan exiles, so we joined a couple days ago or three I can’t tell. I believe that my friend Po finded you on Facebook.
I guess I’ll see you in :wink:.

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