⚔️The dark Brotherhood ⚔️, fresh Servers

:crossed_swords:The dark Brotherhood​:crossed_swords:
PS4/5 | EU Server | Pvp + PvE-C Server

Welcome to our international Conan Exiles community :blush::wave:

Our community has been roaming the realm of the exiled for a whole year,
and offers you 3 different servers.

Our 3 servers are handled by 10 man team and take care of events & quest and much more. The worlds are constantly monitored to ensure good server performance.

In addition, we have set a decay timer of 14 days on all worlds to allow inactive buildings to decay.

Pve-C Exile Lands & Isle of Siptah

× inventory loss on
× No building damage
× Stealing and killing is allowed
× Base is safe zone
× official settings
( Xp x2 | Farm x2 )
× Events | Quests | arena
× Starter kit for each player

PvP Exile Lands

× inventory loss on
× no offline raids
× Stealing and killing is always allowed
× no Siptah stuff
× official settings
(Xp x2 | Farm x2)
× Events | Quests | arena
× Starter Kit for each player

For more information & events & questions, feel free to join our Discord Server. (Discord is not mandatory) :blush: