The dark Brotherhood 🍁

:crossed_swords: The dark Brotherhood :crossed_swords:
Conan Exiles Gaming Community

Welcome :black_heart: If you’ve come this far, it’s only a small step to us :blush::wave:

:scroll: Community Info:

Our main focus is on the survival factor, with official settings { slightly bossed } for the true gaming experience.
Furthermore, our community owns both worlds { 2 servers }.

We’ve been around for 2 years now, have a fixed set of rules, a helpful international community and are equipped with all kinds of bots to improve discord and the game.

:scroll: Server Info:

PS4/5 | EU server | Pve - Conflict server
Exile Lands & Isle of Siptah {Dlc}

× official settings × Admincity
× Drop on Death × Currency system × Events & Arena × Bots & much more × Adminshop × build allowed anywhere
× Starter Kit

Discord is not mandatory but would be beneficial for rules & more information.