Conan Exiles hangs on start up

Personal found solution located at bottom of the post.

I’ve shorten and deleted irrelevant information to make this post more readable and kept key problems in it so if someone is searching for a similar issue they may find my post.

I have been able to play Conan Exiles in the past and no hardware changes have happened.

When I launch Conan Exiles it hangs as a background process and never starts up.

I have reinstalled the game five times now (Luckily I have 1GB internet) fresh installs included i.e removing all folders and then reinstalling.

I’ve uninstalled Battleye and reinstalled it.

I have uninstalled reinstalled Visual 2015 and 2017 numerous times.

My graphics driver is up to date.

I have no mods I even deleted the workshop folder.

The game hangs with the memory usage of 7.4mb with no other signs of life in task manager

After letting the game sit without force closing the background process for about an hour the game had a time out and gave me a error that it couldn’t reach the game server and gave me this as an error code

It tells me to go to

But the website URL times out.


I’ve fixed this issue myself by using a VPN , I’m going to leave this topic up for future reference if someone ever has this issue.

Side note the game launches just find after launching it once through a VPN so my guess is that my ISP or personal connection had an issue connecting to an authentication server and once the game verified itself it no longer needs to connect to said server.

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