Conan Exiles Official Server Barbarian Challenge

Hello people of the exiled lands, I’m back to the game after a short hiatus after the latest updates.
I’ve come back with an objective in mind: to play the game in challenge mode.

But this challenge is not exactly your normal play the game on hightest dificulty. It’s in fact the way I’ve been playing for some time: play like you actually are an exile left for dead, you can’t craft everything on your own, you won’t be able to command thralls on battle. Only craft armor when you have blacksmith station ready, so you just spend a lot of time basically naked and with stone weapons, no thralls other than crafter ones and one entertainer to clean up corruption. I think it’s fun to make it to level 60 this way, of course without exploiting crafting recipe exp, otherwise why bother coming up with a challenge in the first place.

But I think it can be improved with the help of you people.

Before we begin discussing the actual challenge rules, lets call it the Barbarian Challenge.

Now the ideas I already have about ways to make the game challenging:

Non Fighter Thrall Challenge
One sure challenging way to play Conan Exiles is to play without using thralls, which would leave your to fight for your own, but I aways wondered about crafter thralls. If you play without crafter thralls it would mean slower crafting times and more materials used. Animals would be allowed since they are way more limited than thralls.

Non-Crafter Challenge
I recently had another idea about crafter thralls: you can’t craft anything from a crafting station if you don’t have a thrall in it, so no iron weapons untill you get that blacksmith, no armor until you get an armorer, so on and so forth. This means you have to make do without tamed animals and horses too.

True Barbarian
Another more extreme way to heighten the challenge would be to combine the No Fighting Thralls and Non Crafter challenges into the True Barbarian challenge: Acquire no thrall and only craft what you can with your own hands. You must acquire whatever else you need by looting it, be it from npcs or other exiles.

And lastly, it might be obvious by now, but it has to be said: play on official PVP server for this challenge.
Maybe we can include the objective to reach level 60 and finish all exile journey steps. Some of those are related to crafting something, they are still doable if you use another player’s crafting station.

So now you have it, please give your opinions on ways to improve the challenge.


Well since the idea was so well received, guess I will play with it a little more now that we have a new something on the horizon since the announcement.

LOL I always played in that way, as a (former) offline player I got bored in crafting all stuffs, so I basically became a true wastelander/barbarian by simply using low tier equipments (stone and wood) and light/bone armors-weapons.

After exploring all the “buildable magnificence” I reverted to small huts and caves to hide in and create my own hole, I got bored in having thralls due to their “passive state” in the base/camp: rather than having standing mannequins I preferred having no one rather than workers/dancers who, somehow, at least seems alive.

Building weapons? Nah, always preferred the slay and loot philosophy, this maybe prevent me from having better equipments but… in the end I always preferred darfari or savage stuff: bones, raw hides… I dislike the “shiny things”, I can accept iron equipment, maybe (but just maybe) steel equipments.

Keep wild fellas, keep hungry, keep angry.
Yog has spoken!

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I play something similar on PVP servers , i make a small house 6x6 max and i grind mobs for drops. If i see someone who wants to be an enemy, well they have stuff to lose not me.

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See, I knew I could not be the only one.

Just started on a new official server today with this gameplay mode again, it’s wonderful, Killed the T4 fighters in newbie river and got a flawless light armor body and legs that are almost broken. The found a cutlass in the darfari treasure, of course got overconfident and died four times trying to kill the whole camp by the Dregs entrance!

I would agree with you if this option wouldn’t exist in the main game but it almost does. If you try play solo barbarick then you will understand that all we need is official servers barbarick mode for veterans only. The game in barbarick mode is excellent balanced and it needs no adjustments, all it needs is official servers. It would be nice to start with pve - pve c, because pvp players do not care so much about the pve option of this game, at least the greatest percentage of them. Play and finish the game solo barbarick mode and you will understand what i am saying here.
I ask for this option over 10 months now but i don’t found followers even in this forum that it has so many veterans, so all i can say to you is that you are chasing a dream, however dreming is free so… Good luck

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You know what would be even more brutal ?

Being able to use the crafting stations in the NPC camps. :smiling_imp:

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basically be a good pvper on officials, and thats that.

I agree, never tried to play single player barbaric, but the whole thing about playing on a official server is you cant cheat, not in the “add itens” to make things easier or return to an old save if you lose something.

I will try playing on barbaric until we get the expansion.
One thing I forgot, PVP server makes this playstyle easier, because the gathering rate is x2. It might be better actually to play on PVE, but the threat presented by players on official servers outweights it, maybe?

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One of the greatest reasons i ask for official pve servers is the time issue that we have in consoles. When you play solo pve barbarick mode the thralls are taking ages to be done. Still if you try play barbarick mode get ready for real fun. You will find out that every single weapon has a reason and you will respect the loot that you were throwing down like garbage. The only thing i wish you had someone to share this ugly-beauty experience :wink:.

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