Conan Exiles on GeForce Now (GFN) does not upload GAME.DB to cloud, resulting in "CLOUD OUT OF DATE" error


New player and new to the forums! Just bought CE and also a 6-month GFN subscription to play it. My understanding is that CE typically stores saves in the following local folder on PC in a file called “game.db”: \ConanSandbox\Saved\

If I create a single-player/co-op game in Conan Exiles in GFN, this save persists across GFN sessions. However, game.db file does not get synchronized to Steam’s Cloud Saves. As a result, whenever subsequently launching on PC, I get the error “CLOUD OUT OF DATE.”

An example of a detailed error message (I’m new so can’t upload an image yet):

You played Conan Exiles on “GEFORCE-NOW” (Today at 6:19 AM), and that save is not yet in the cloud. (upload not started)
You can still play this game, but that may create a conflict when your previous game progress successfully uploads.

This is painful for two reasons. First, it forces me to choose between playing on a local machine and having functional cloud saves, or, using GFN exclusively. This is an issue for example if/when my GFN subscription ends: any progress will disappear with it.

Second, GFN doesn’t allow users to copy/move the "game.db’ file manually, which (as I understand it) is required in order to transform a single-player/co-op save file into a dedicated server.

Unless GFN either starts syncing to Cloud Saves or provides some ability to download the “game.db” file, I am not able to use my game as expected. I’ve opened a GFN support post with ID #499031 (I can’t post a link yet because I’m a new member here).

Any advice from other players or help from Funcom on this one?

Same thing happened to me a few days ago on PC. What caused my problem was I played on one computer and later in the day played the same game on another computer. Somehow that screwed everything. I could still play but the same issue still pops up.

Interesting, so not using GFN, but using two different machines?

Are we supposed to be able to continue single player/co-op games across multiple machines? Searching around a bit, it seems maybe not. I can’t include links (new member) but it seems that maybe Cloud Save is not supported by this game at all.

Not a huge issue for me today, I guess, but would be great to see in future! Maybe players should be warned?

This also doesn’t solve the problem that GeForce Now is a black box that doesn’t allow downloading of my own user data. Seems anti-competitive to me. Maybe I won’t keep the subscription after all…

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