Finding an old lost save

Wassup Conan Exiles grinders / hustlers.

So as my name implies, I am trying to find an old save on my old PC. I used to uninstall Conan Exiles and reinstall it then continuing my old save without it being lost or having any problem.

But after I got my New PC and installed Conan Exiles on Steam I lost my save and it didn’t read my old save in my old PC which I thought it was supposed to be read by Steam cloud.

Then I started my old PC to find the save locally in etc / ConanSandbox/ Saved/ (game.db)
But It was the new save that got created on the New PC.

How can I get the old save in the old PC so I can move it to New PC ?

P.S: I spent too much time building that lovely mansion on the oasis with a top notch harem. I don’t want to lose it :frowning:

Well you pretty much figured it out :slight_smile:
You simply copy that game.db from your old PC to the corresponding location on the new PC (overwriting the file there) and then start the game.
Depending on how old that save is thou and updates to the game, some parts may be broken / missing… idk, just guessing here :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier. The save on the old PC seems to be overwritten by the new PC save. What I am looking for is how to get the old save back.

Is it Funcom launcher related or Steam only related, or is it local at all… I am not even sure what went wrong for the old save.

No, as far as I know conan does not have Steam “cloud save”… All the data is stored locally in the game.db.
I also see no way of data from your new PC overwriting the one on the old as they’re not linked in any way. So if you have an empty game.db on the old computer, chances are you hit “start new game” and wiped it or uninstalled the game with all files and reinstalled it ot something similar on that PC else it should be still there ready to be copied

But basically, unless your database is there on the old PC or you have a backup of it somewhere, there is no way to recover it as it’s never saved online


If so, why when I uninstalled the game totally from Steam it comes back with the save ?

No, if you uninstall your save is deleted.

But how?.. I deleted the game multiple times and reinstalled it on old PC and I find the save again… That’s why I suspect a Steam intervention in the files, thus I am trying to find a way/tool to get it back.

Anyways… Is there a certain method that can retrieve save files ?
I know Lovely Xevyr said: “no way to recover it”. but I will push it to the limits trying to find a way to get it back :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean… go for it? :smiley:
Here thou, just to ease your mind
This is any random game with Steam cloud save:

This in comparison is Conan Exiles:

So no, sadly, I do not believe Steam has your save file, your best bet WAS your old computer… and even there the savegame is stored in the installation folder, not the documents or appdata, so it doesn’t stay behind if you uninstall and steam deletes that folder… if you’re certain you never uninstalled the game from there thou, then it should be there.

Also… it may be that in past times when you “deleted the game multiple times and reinstalled it on your old PC and found your save again” you might have actually be playing on an online server and that’s why… in that case obviously it’s saved on the server and will stay behind even if you throw your computer in a furnace :fire: :slight_smile: but if it was single-player mode this time around then you might have to accept that it’s gone :frowning:

Now with that being said, feel free to keep looking for it and ask other people!
Good luck!

I accepted it being lost… Already started a new one and built a “Beginner Harem”. :slight_smile:

I appreciate your time though, and oh boy… You showing KCD as an example, you must be a man of taste & culture.

Again Thank you all for your time and good luck !

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Welcome to the forums, and sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I lost ~300 hours of progress when I got a new computer and donated the old one to my nephews. “What do you mean, there’s no Steam Cloud save?”

Now I routinely backup the game.db file on a separate hard disk every time I make significant progress in the game.

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Yup, I guess we both learned the hard way… but it’s the hard way that lets you understand the most :wink:

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