Conan Exiles server manager

Hello everyone,

I had to look deep and for a long time to find a tool to help me maintain my FuryOfConan sever. I started with scripts but there are not enough commands for the command line to do it properly with simple scripts and Mcrcon.

That why i was really happy when i found this server Utility:

This sets up your server for you and keeps it up to date and can do daily restarts. it can also do a lot of other stuff but i’m starting off with a simple setup :smiley: You should read the readme before setting this up!

My suggestion would be that there should be graphical version of this. It should be for server management and something that Funcom keeps in line with the updates, so new functions can get added when available :sunglasses:

I hope that it’s ok that i put the link there in the post :yum: